Habit Your Day

I want a means to communicate. I have passion in my heart that needs to connect and interact with someone other than my private journal. In any relationship, trust must be built through consistency. The more transparent I am in a relationship, the closer a bond can be formed. Purging the deepest part of my soul will leave me vulnerable, but it’s an unavoidable risk in order to resonate with the deepest part of yours.

My blog is about making new habits. I will blog through my growth of implementing small, weekly habits that will compound into great changes. It will be real. Not just highlights of successes, but struggles and stumbles along the way to overall victory. I will learn about myself, and I hope you’re inspired to dig in and learn about yourself too.

A year from today, I will have 53 new habits: 52 from each weekly habit, and one habit of blogging 🙂  I’m a numbers girl, so I would geek out if you submit how many habits you form for me to track! I have a few ideas for new habits…how about you?



  1. My new habit shall be writing everyday. I have committed to writing at least 300 words of quality content every single day, for my blog. I have never made a new year’s resolution, like you, I don’t believe that one day is magical to make me change what I know I need to change today. Congratulations on your new habit of making new habits. Cheers! ~ Sandi


  2. I appreciate your zeal and candor. The part about purging the deepest part of the soul is intense. …powerful. Inspiring. I also appreciate how committed and prepared you seem to be to hold through the tough times. Good on you.
    I also think that building habits is the right mindset. The advantage of that is, down the line, when you’re focused on maintaining the goal of consistently adding new habits, the earlier ones will seem like an afterthought; easy. Stay strong; you will succeed.
    Best of luck.


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