Week 2 Habit: Identify Feelings

Last week’s habit was using people’s names in friendly greetings, the typical “Hi, how are you?” and “Fine, how are you?” types. Including people’s names doesn’t roll off my tongue naturally quite yet, but I’m continuing the attempts!

This week’s habit is to identify my feelings. This isn’t new for me, but I’ve recently learned a different approach of a psychology tool and want to implement it as I revisit a few stronger feelings. I’ve focused on the thoughts and actions surrounding a feeling, but haven’t placed as much emphasis on the beliefs behind the thoughts. That’s the new tool.

I’ve identified what may be jealous feelings, but I can’t determine the belief leading to jealousy. Maybe it’s not jealousy, or maybe it’s jealousy combined with another feeling so the belief is more difficult to determine. I’m going to write thoughts during the day on a list I keep on my phone, then write more on my laptop in the evenings. I’ll date the entries and post them all next week!

Have you experienced any recurring feelings that are unpleasant and seem to trap you in a holding pattern in life? Are you curious of their cause and have any techniques to play detective?


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