Self-defeating Thoughts During Workouts

Self-defeating thoughts have no place in any part of life, but are especially unproductive during workouts! What contrast between these positive and negative actions, making clear the reason behind exercise’s high failure rate. Beginning an exercise program is an ample challenge, so how can anyone find success when the challenge is compounded with toxic thoughts??

Exercise provides physical health benefits, and the additional endorphins give a mental boost. However, in the same way exercise can’t make up for a poor diet, the endorphins can’t make up for poor thoughts.

When I am aware of my inner dialog and choose to speak kindly to myself, my workout is easier! A mental weight is lifted when I banish negative thoughts.

Negative thinking is a habit, and habits take effort to make and break. To retrain the brain, create new thoughts or mantras that specifically target the typical stream of negative thoughts during exercise. Reviewing your music choices is a good idea also, because tunes and lyrics feed the direction of the mind. Envision the encouragement you would give a friend during his/her workout, and lovingly speak those words to yourself!

What is one self-defeating thought you can identify? What is an uplifting phrase you want to believe instead?

Have a happy workout 🙂


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