I want to connect with you, to influence your motivation to make changes in your life and to gain motivation from you sharing your experiences. Habits and friendships take time to form, and I want this time to consist of us learning about ourselves and each other.

Inspired by a Fall 2014 Blogging 201 assignment, I’ve established three blogging goals:

  1. Consistently write a new habit post each week. This will be my core, featured post, and I’m drafting them as I think of ones to include.
  2. Reach 100,000 followers by my 52nd week of new habits. Experiment and research how to gain followers and develop a connected, community atmosphere. Learn communication etiquette for blogging. I randomly decided this number and timeline, so now I have to determine a strategy to make it happen 🙂
  3. I will transition from wordpress.com to wordpress.org after gaining enough knowledge to maintain my site. I will have added enough followers to warrant monetizing my site by the time I’m able to use wordpress.org. Part of this goal is to welcome and accept failure, as it’s key to learning, growing, and achieving my dreams!

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