Week 10 Habit: Weekend Routine

I love Mondays. I hate weekends. I use to anyway, but I don’t like hating them and am changing my sentiments. It should be easier for me to start loving weekends (in addition to Mondays) than for Monday hating people to change!

Part of me needs variety to prevent boredom, while another part finds comfort in routine. The Monday through Friday workweek provides a structured environment, and life feels consistent. I complete more of what I want to accomplish on my to-do list when I have structured day, rather than during the weekend freedom. Being busy, but not too busy, gives me focus.

I find structure to be therapeutic for depression and anxiety, so I feel more energetic on workdays. The distraction of planned, weekend activities helps, but it’s a temporary fix. Most of my weekend activities aren’t consistent from one week to the next.

Packing my weekends full doesn’t seem to be the answer, seeing as how being overly busy is stressful. As a morning person, I’ve tried waking up at a set time on weekends and starting my day with new, weekend habits. Nothing major…I’m talking about washing dishes or vacuuming! There’s something about the habit of being productive, first thing in the morning. It sets the tone for the rest of my day. I understand most people prefer to relax and sleep late, so everyone has to do what works personally.

Even though I know sleeping late leads me into depression and anxiety, that’s typically what I do. If it’s like other habits, I have to rewind the series of events to determine a more effective time to implement a change. For instance, I could make Saturday morning plans earlier than when I’m in bed on Fridays. On worknights, I pack my food and gym bag so I’m ready to brush my teeth and walk out of the door in the morning. I don’t have to think about it, I just wake up and do it. A similar Friday night habit could trigger the same result.

So, my homework for this week’s habit is to go to bed at a decent time tomorrow (Friday) night, with running attire chosen for an early morning workout!

What about you…do your weekends need more structure or fewer commitments? What are you going to do about it??