Week 8 Habit: Perspective

I didn’t sleep well last night because my shoulder injury is aggravated; I’ll probably have to have surgery. I made it through my morning workout, but it seems pointless since I’ll become a pile of mush when I’m recovering from surgery. I always intend to use downtime as a recovery phase and to scale back accordingly with my diet, but that never works and I bet I’m going to gain more weight.

I got a work email from the Human Resource department that I wasn’t selected for the job I interviewed for a couple weeks ago. I just got an email from HR last week that I wasn’t even selected to interview for a job I applied for recently. I’m not qualified for anything! If I ever lose my current job, I don’t know what I’ll do. It seems like everyone else in my department is getting promoted or new jobs, but not me. I may as well not even try anymore. I had to work late today, but I overheard someone talking about being so bored he was just surfing the net. How unfair.

Since I had to work late, I hadn’t brought enough to eat. I drove home hungry, and traffic was horrible during rush hour. I barely had enough time to change clothes and eat before leaving again for a group trail run. It was raining lightly, but wasn’t supposed to rain very long. I parked where the group was supposed to meet and text the leader since no one was there yet. He text me back that the rain showers were predicted to turn into thunderstorms, and he’d posted a rescheduled run date on Facebook. I missed seeing it. Traffic was bad again driving home and I just knew with today’s luck that I’d get into an accident. I didn’t, but wouldn’t have been surprised if I had. I wasted an hour of my time for nothing and could have been home relaxing!

***The above description of my day is coming from a negative perspective, a belief that God and the world are against me. Below is the same day, but experienced from a perspective where I believe God loves me and I’m looking for purpose and positives!***

I opted for extra strong tea this morning, and the caffeine and antioxidants helped combat getting less sleep last night! I tore my shoulder several years ago and may have to have surgery at some point. It’s only been bad the past couple weeks. Maybe it’s just a random flare-up, but I’ll make an appointment with my doctor to go over my options. I’ll talk with a physical therapy friend for suggestions on exercises. I can be creative and cautious when I workout so I don’t make it worse. If I end up having surgery, recovery will be quite an adventure since it’s my right shoulder and I’m right-handed! I’ll ask for lots of help and be very humble and patient. I’ll learn how to type and work with only my left hand. Maybe I’ll blog my way through recovery and become famous!

I like my job and my boss, but I’m always open to new job possibilities. I’ve gotten some interview experience recently, but God must have something different planned because I’m still in my same job. I’m curious to see where I’ll be a year from now! I’m going to talk with my boss about options for change in my current role.

I worked later than I planned, and found myself without a healthy, afternoon snack. I was pretty hungry by the time I got home, but was looking forward to running on a new trail with a group. I’ll start keeping a non-perishable snack in my desk at work for future emergencies. I missed a Facebook notification that the group run was rescheduled due to lightening, so I drove back home after seeing no one was there and calling the group leader. He made a smart decision to cancel!

As I drove home thinking about all that happened during my day, I was amazed what a difference perspective makes! With a negative perspective, I would have ended the day by binging on lots of food to numb my heightened feelings. I would have labeled the day as being a bad one. It can’t be the day or a situation that’s bad though, not when a change of perspective changes my feelings about the day. I can chose to have the latter above scenario as my perspective! I did choose that option, by the way 🙂

I use to pray for patience, thinking God would change my stressed, impatient feelings into peaceful, patient feelings, or just make my life easier. I’ve since learned that asking for patience means I’ll be provided with opportunities to exercise my choice of having a patient perspective! I’ve also learned that anticipating these opportunities helps me not be caught off guard, and I’m better able to deal with life. It was honestly pretty cool as I looked back at my day, to see evidence I’m maturing.

Changing your perspective requires repetition for it to happen with less effort. It’s a habit. As soon as you catch yourself in a negative pattern, change it! It will get easier, and you will enjoy your life so much more, being free to spend that extra effort elsewhere. Please tell me about a before/after situation where you chose a positive perspective!!