Week 7 Habit: Identify Priorities

Last week’s habit was to identify thoughts, which brings a sense of awareness to autopilot living. When I recognize I’m talking to myself in such a way I wouldn’t dare talk to anyone else, I’m able to choose caring thoughts instead of ones that are self-destructive.

Identifying priorities is this week’s habit. I’ve been gaining interest in several volunteer and business opportunities, and I don’t have enough time to pursue each as intensely as I want. When I entertain thoughts of coordinating everything into my schedule, all my time is consumed with planning instead of doing anything. It feels very jumbled and cluttered without direction or purpose.

As much as I’d rather wing it instead of writing down a plan, I know having a plan is necessary. Plans don’t have to be complex though! They just have to provide direction. The level of detail is at the planner’s discretion.

I’m writing a list of my current and desired hobbies and activities, figuring how much time needs to be devoted to each, prioritizing the list, then deciding what will fit into my schedule and what I need to save for later.

Life doesn’t happen as planned on paper, but I’ll find myself unchanged unless I have a direction toward which to move.

Do you have a hobby or volunteer position you’d like to pursue but haven’t yet taken action? What is preventing you?