Week 4 Habit: Daily Doses

Last week’s habit was to drink apple cider vinegar (ACV) everyday. I didn’t remember everyday, but figured out it was easier if I put the bottle in my bathroom cabinet by my toothbrush. Seemingly meaningless habits are useful to developing the skills to implement habits that stick. Making and breaking habits is in and of itself a habit. I want to explore this further in a future post.

I feel like quitting. I feel like hiding instead of writing. I know why. I have been struggling with depressive thoughts, and I haven’t been eating healthy, which leads to more depressive thoughts and guilt. I can’t quit though, because I know these feelings are just part of the process of change and growth. Working through them is the choice I’m making. Some moments require more effort than others, but it’s still possible to keep moving.

Even when I feel down, I can still make choices to take small actions that help me stay afloat. Another reason for seemingly meaningless habits is to prevent drowning and stay focused on my goals and dreams. Previous habits: I will use people’s names when I tell them “hello,” so I focus outward and connect; I will identify my feelings so I stay in tune with myself; I will drink a swallow of ACV daily, because it’s healthy and is a habit of positive intention. For this week’s habit of daily doses, I will remember to take my daily meds/vitamins and start taking a few herbal/spice supplements for the same reasons as the ACV. I will also remember my daily dose of connecting with God, including the daily verse on my YouVersion Bible app and the Air1 app.